Safety Management System

With Lighthouse you can manage all your HSE forms and processes. There are no modules. Create, manage, and report on as many HSE forms as you need without incurring any extra costs.

Inspections & Audits

Implement a formalized management system for ongoing inspections and audits

Hazard Identification

Identify and translate improvement opportunities into actionable plans

Job Training

Schedule, track, and report worker training, certifications, and qualifications

Job Hazard Assessment

Standardize and integrate safe job procedures to reduce injuries and accidents

Incident Management

Track and automatically communicate workplace issues to key personnel

Corrective & Preventative Actions

Utilize processes to schedule, assign, and prioritize tasks to improve safety

Incident Management

When an incident occurs at any workplace, notification should be sent informing the appropriate individuals of the details so it can be dealt with appropriately. Shortly after the incident, an investigation is conducted to determine the root cause and to develop the appropriate corrective action(s) to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

Lighthouse manages your incident process by:

  • Automatically sending notifications to appropriate individuals depending on the incident type, priority, location or other specified criteria
  • Recording, tracking, and trending incident data
  • Linking together the full incident lifecycle which includes: incident report, investigation, and corrective actions


Workplace inspections are an important part of the overall occupational health and safety program and help to identify existing hazards so that appropriate corrective action can be taken. Lighthouse provides a process to help you:

  • Identify existing and potential hazards
  • Determine underlying causes of hazards
  • Recommend, assign, and track corrective action implementation

Corrective Action

Corrective actions are key to improving your company’s HSE program. With Lighthouse, you can:

  • Record and assign corrective actions
  • Track implementation and completion
  • Remind and report on outstanding corrective actions

Worker Training and Competency

Legislation requires that workers know how to do their jobs safely. Lighthouse:

  • Reminds you when training requirements are approaching renewal
  • Provides a central repository to store copies of safety tickets
  • Reports the percentage of completed job training by company division, job function, or employee

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Hazard Control

Lighthouse streamlines hazard and risk analysis by making it easier to capture data and notify others about hazards and risks, and assign control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm to workers.

Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are an essential part of your company’s safety culture. Use Lighthouse to:

  • Ensure safety meetings occur
  • Track safety topics
  • Track attendance and collect signatures

Safety Resources

Upload safety documents for users to access:

  • Safety Manual
  • SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
  • Safe Work Procedures

Vehicle Maintenance

There are many aspects of a complete vehicle maintenance process; Lighthouse manages it all. From a vehicle record, view the KMs of the last inspection, when the next scheduled maintenance is due, and access all maintenance records. With Lighthouse:

  • Track vehicle data such as unit number, make, model, year, and registration date
  • Complete daily vehicle inspections
  • Notify maintenance supervisors when scheduled vehicle maintenance is required
  • Track vehicle maintenance records and costs

Behaviour or Task Observation

Be proactive not reactive. It’s proven that a safety program that embraces behaviour or task based observation, positively reinforces safe behaviour, and stops work when unsafe behaviour is witnessed reduces incidents. Lighthouse:

  • Facilitates the capture and tracking of observations
  • Reports on safe and unsafe behaviour trends

Subcontractor Management

You don’t always work alone. Track subcontractors and their employees if you want, and be able to view which of them have been involved in the most incidents.