Cloud Service Provides Instant Access From Anywhere

Lighthouse is web-based and runs on our private cloud service. Feel comfortable managing your safety management system on Lighthouse as our security practices are like those used for online banking.

Offline? No Problem

If you work in remote areas where there isn’t an internet connection or locations where an internet connection is not reliable, use the Lighthouse app, available on iOS and Android mobile devices, to enter data offline. When offline, your mobile device will store the data and when a network connection is established, data is automatically uploaded to your Lighthouse subscription.

  • Out-of-the-Box or Configured

    Lighthouse software is ready to deploy throughout your company without any technical knowledge or expertise required. Best practice HSE forms and processes are built in and ready to use. Lighthouse can also offer a configured system and design your company’s custom HSE forms and processes.

  • Dashboard

    Create specific dashboards that fit the needs of different users. For example, create a dashboard that facilitates workers in the field to enter data, allows supervisors to access forms they need to review, and gives management interactive widgets to quickly check key performance indicators.

  • Printable Reports

    Produce professional, branded, printed documents or PDFs – such as incident reports – to share with management, stakeholders, or clients.

  • Photos

    Take and attach photos to accompany incident reports, inspections, or hazards.

Custom Branding

Completely brand Lighthouse and make it feel like it is your company’s own software. Add your company logo to your Lighthouse subscription and receive a custom URL.


  • API

    API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API allows different software applications to communicate with each other. If you are tracking things such as jobs, work orders, or equipment lists in another software application, we can build an integration program so these lists are able to be used in Lighthouse.
  • Other Cloud-Based Files

    Link to files that are located in other cloud based applications such as Google Drive, Box, or Sharepoint.