Connect your HSE program from the field to the boardroom
Enter, access, and report accurate HSE information in real time

  • Go from paper forms and Excel spreadsheets to a centralized database

    Lighthouse is a ready-to-implement software system that allows you to integrate all your HSE forms and processes into one central database. Begin implementation immediately by using our standardized HSE forms and processes or configure Lighthouse to fit the specific requirements of your company.

    Employees can enter and update data from any office or remote location, 24/7

    With all of your HSE data in a unified database, employees can instantly access and update important HSE information in real time. When employees access Lighthouse, they’re able to view and update forms directly from their computer or mobile device. Any data they enter is uploaded to their database so the entire company can see the same up-to-date information.

    Automatically receive notifications, tasks, and reminders when actions are required

    Lighthouse software contains built-in forms and processes that automate workflow and guide your employees through the necessary HSE procedural steps. When an employee updates HSE information that requires action, tasks are created and assigned to the appropriate people for follow-up. If required actions are not completed, reminders are provided to ensure compliance and to prevent tasks from falling between the cracks.
  • Executives can monitor, measure, and report accurate HSE data in real time

    Producing HSE key performance indicators takes minutes instead of hours when all your HSE data is integrated in the Lighthouse system. Executives who are responsible for HSE reporting save valuable time by having accurate and up-to-date information right on their dashboard.

    Health and safety management in a flexible package

    No matter the industry, Lighthouse has shown its flexibility by serving many clients in industries where health and safety is a primary concern, like: oil and gas, construction, manufacturing/fabrication, and many more.

    Breeze through your next COR, SECOR, or Safety Audit

    Don’t waste any more time tracking down safety documentation. Lighthouse has received positive feedback countless times from Subscribers detailing that they have breezed through their safety audit after implementing Lighthouse. Auditors could easily find safety documentation and quickly assess a Subscriber’s safety management system.